When it’s time for solutions… Choose New Frontier Group’s 360° Total Solution.

Since the beginning, innovation has been a driving force in the success of New Frontier Group’s claims management and cost containment resolution. Recognizing the industry’s need for better management of services led New Frontier Group to design the first all-in-one comprehensive suite of amenities that emphasizes unparalleled customer service. We call it “New Frontier Group’s 360° Total Solution”. 

Our 360° Total Solution brings our clients and customers maximum flexibility and choices to best suit their business model and needs.

This resolution makes New Frontier Group distinctive as the only company in the industry that provides everything under ONE roof through ONE partnership. Bring us your greatest challenge and we will bring you the best solutions to address these issues with better cost containment outcomes and greater member satisfaction. When New Frontier Group’s 360° Total Solution takes care of our clients, they experience a different level of customer service that cannot be matched in the international travel and health insurance industry.New-Frontier-AD-2015-Website

Clients, customers, and travelers benefit from: 

  • 24/7/365 MEA Center access
  • Irrefutable industry expertise
  • Best in Class V2V experience
  • Transparency and real time accessibility through Onyx Online Portal
  • Accessibility to the U.S. largest comprehensive domestic and regional networks
  • Arrangement for both ground and air transportation
  • Assistance with Rx discharge medications through our Rx Concierge Assistance
  • Large Charge Warning notifications and updates
  • Online Provider Directory
  • Flexible electronic invoicing
  • Real time decision making to impact cost performance
  • Coordination for the arrival of medical escorts
  • Performance driven fee matrix
  • Multilingual/multicultural case coordinators

The international travel and health insurance industry is also facing new challenges in the United States from the consequences of The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.  International policyholders are finding that more and more costs are being transferred to the international traveler and expatriates with little regard to cost containment. With over 60 combined years of experience, New Frontier Group’s leadership understands how these escalating costs affect our international business partners. Working with our 360° Total Solution, our Executive Team identifies and offers strategies that maximize the quality of care for international travelers and benefit our partners’ bottom line business costs.

Reliability and trustworthiness are the core values that structure New Frontier Group’s corporate culture.

As an independently owned and operated company, New Frontier Group has the ability to execute and change our direction effortlessly to support our clients and customers in every need possible. This is what classifies New Frontier Group as the leader in global medical solutions. With our Early On-Boarding process, new clients can experience the benefits of our 360° Total Solution in just a few weeks. Let us introduce you to this all-inclusive program that will help you achieve greater member satisfaction and increased profitability.