New Frontier Group’s 365 Assistance Support Center is your expedited connection to global solutions and results, open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. From day one, emphasis on customer service has been at the core of New Frontier Group’s day-to-day operations.

New Frontier Group’s 365 Assistance Support Center stands ready to respond to your company's global travelers when an emergency need arises.

When International Insurances select New Frontier Group to be their cost-containment partner they can be assured they will benefit from its comprehensive concierge list of services, convenient and advanced technology, and the peace of mind that New Frontier Group will always exceed their expectations.

Whether the search is to find an emergency room with Pediatric coverage at 2 AM for an infant’s ear infection or to coordinate an air evacuation for a critically ill patient in the Arizona desert to a Level III Trauma Center, New Frontier Group’s 365 Assistance Support Group is ready to respond to any medical need day and night. All call center relation professionals are rigorously trained to evaluate, assess and respond to every level of medical situation in multiple languages with cultural sensitivity. Since no two cases are the same, our 365 Assistance Support Center tailors their response and support to the individual needs of the case. 

New Frontier Group's considerable growth has afforded us the opportunity to recruit and hire long-term individuals with relevant acuity and strong skill sets as team leaders. 

The 365 Assistance Support Center is an all-inclusive infrastructure of services including:

  • Initiate contact with hospital, physician or UCC
  • Serve as domestic liaison for U.S. Health care providers
  • Establish authorization or patient pre-registration
  • Follow up on patient discharge or admission
  • Secure physician, case worker contact information for all admissions
  • Request and coordinate incoming medical notes for overseas clients
  • Identify Physician Referrals (minimum 3 providers, when available)
  • Arrange consultations with physicians
  • Prepare and send the Verification of Benefits
  • Serve as domestic liaison for U.S. Health care providers
  • Receive and submit medical record request
  • Confirm the claim receipt/payment information
  • Send Ongoing Large Charge Warnings for high claim cost cases
  • Coordinate Concierge Pharmacy Rx fulfillment and/or reimbursements
  • Determine most effective cost containment savings outcome
  • Pre-negotiate certain procedures/admissions
  • Provide a network logo up-front to maximize discounts
  • Coordinate air and ground medical transportation needs
  • Organize hotel arrangements/accommodations and transportation for med-evacuation personnel
  • Consultation with the New Frontier Group Healthcare Advisory Board