Each year well thought out travel plans or expatriate assignments are interrupted by unexpected medical circumstances. These medical detours can force international travelers into the unfamiliar tangled maze of the U.S. healthcare system. New Frontier Group is the global leader as the first point of contact for worldwide International Insurance and Assistance Teams. New Frontier Group leads the travel industry’s global healthcare management services by providing a business suite of customized assistance, full service solutions and cost savings for its worldwide clients.

New Frontier Group unrivaled for their range of solutions in international healthcare management and unbeatable in their hallmark superior customer service, serves as the front line outsourcing partner and advocate for clients handling diverse healthcare Travel and Expatriates portfolios. The differentiator for New Frontier Group pivots on the innovation developed from years of experience in the international health insurance industry.

New Frontier Group is an independently owned U.S. based International Company established in 2002.

In partnership with the International Insurances and Assistance Teams, New Frontier Group troubleshoots all levels of medical issues and coordinates the best solution for total optimal patient care. Supreme case management mandates maximum cost savings efficiencies for each and every claim it handles.

New Frontier Group is an independently owned U.S. based International Company established in 2002. As an independently owned company, our clients benefit from New Frontier Group’s Executive Team being decision makers who can respond expediently to client inquiries. All inquires are responded to on the same day. Necessary operational decisions to better serve clients also lie in the hands of the management team whose core focus is customer satisfaction at every level – Policyholders, International Insurers and Assistance Teams.

President and CEO, Ms. Gitte Bach spent over 20 years in the international health insurance industry, as well as holding management positions, as both an Executive and Board Member. Ms. Bach’s broad experience with medical cost containment, international contract negotiations, international provider assessments, 24/7 call center development, along with response and recruitment of multicultural staff, has driven New Frontier Group from a start-up service company to a fast-paced globally minded organization. The combination of the company’s management experience along with the its proprietary technology platform, Onyx™, gives New Frontier Group a competitive advantage that delivers turnkey solutions for its partners.

International Insurers, Assistance Teams, and Policyholders worldwide have come to expect nothing less than the highest standard of professional and personal care when New Frontier Group is handling international travel policies.

Created from proprietary technology found only at New Frontier Group, Onyx™ is considered the DNA of the company’s operational efficiencies. It was developed solely to meet the stringent demands of New Frontier Group and their international partners.

Onyx™ is a core technology that binds the service teams to management and provides consistent yet adaptable service labor process automation. It is filled with, and reflective of, management’s years of “inside-the-halls” experience in the medical insurance industry.

New Frontier Group is continuously preparing for changes in the market. Ongoing investments in technology and improvements in Onyx™ anticipate healthcare changes that are already underway. Leveraging this platform allows New Frontier Group to constantly produce a better outcome for its Claims Coordinators and Arbitrators, thus improving their skills and helping them reach goals based on the ever-changing trends in the healthcare market.