The traditional claims management and cost containment sector tends to offer a very limited choice of cost control strategies, based on either a ‘preferred partner’ arrangement with one network or their own contracts with providers. This model is very profitable for the cost containment company but rarely provides the optimal savings performance for the client.

New Frontier Group changed that. We decided to break away from the ‘one size fits all’ approach and devise a strategy and an operating model that was based on actual outcomes rather than profit. We pulled together years’ worth of industry claims data and modeled this to determine which strategy delivered the best outcome based on certain factors including provider group, location, diagnosis and payment terms.

New Frontier Group employs some of the most experienced case managers in the industry who will be tasked with pro-actively managing our larger/more complex cases.

Regular updates are obtained and reported to you via our Large Charge Notification process. If necessary, we have access to specialist medical experts who we can engage for professional opinions and to liaise with your own medical teams on the feasibility of alternative strategies such as moving the patient to another facility or escorted repatriation. In practice, most of our clients – being assistance companies themselves – tend to manage this aspect themselves although often refer to us for a second opinion and/or local support given our detailed knowledge of the hospital and likely costs.

We also have a reputation for prompt payment of agreed settlements which is often a key negotiating factor.