New Frontier Group leads the travel industry’s global healthcare management services by providing a business suite of customized assistance and full service solutions to produce the highest cost savings for its worldwide clients. 

Advocating at every step of a patient’s care includes managing a comprehensive spectrum of cost savings solutions to benefit the client. Relying on our ability to conduct thorough audit of claims and implement different cost saving processes results in one united goal – to reduce cost to the clients we serve.

Claim/Case Auditing 

Claims are audited daily, in real time, based on established guidelines, and facilitated by our Onyx™ System. The Q/A Department manages this process to resolve exceptions and report findings to Management. In Onyx™, every claim is held up against established data points and CPT codes. Should any data points register excessive, represented by the IRO Quality Control Standards of Costs, the claim will be reviewed and investigated further to determine any suspected fraud. 

New Frontier Group’s Medical Advisory Board is a valuable resource for providing quotes on procedures, thus holding the providers accountable for charges. Furthermore, Onyx™ allows New Frontier Group to check the pricing of every claim in order to compare the price point and dispute a deviation prior to the claim being paid. 

Furthermore, New Frontier Group’s claim auditing reviews pricing through the Medicare Allowable Rates to make absolutely certain that payments are Reasonable and Customary. 

Network Access
Onyx Customizeable Client Operating Platform Network Savings 

Within the US healthcare system, there are hundreds of networks that can be utilized for cost savings. Working with leading domestic national and regional network providers to offer the most comprehensive coverage to our clients is one successful approach New Frontier Group uses to assure cost containment. 

Onyx Customizable Client Operating Platform Network Savings, New Frontier Group’s customizable client operating system identifies which network produces the greatest savings. Of course, New Frontier Group accesses its own direct or pre-negotiated agreements, which in many cases yield the most optimum savings, discount for our clients. 

Dependent on the needs of our client, New Frontier Group has access to regional networks that offer very deep discounts in certain regions of the United States. Each case is carefully evaluated in consideration of individual network savings prior to making a decision on network cooperation.