When a policyholder expresses the need for medical care to his or her assistance team, timing and early intervention are two crucial considerations. Through New Frontier Group’s MEA Center, comprised of multilingual, multicultural, and highly trained case coordinator professionals, clients are guaranteed 24/7/365 access and full service assistance.

From day one, emphasis on customer service has been at the core of New Frontier Group’s day-to-day operations.

Our MEA team is dedicated to providing the highest standard assistance offered in our industry with an all-inclusive one stop suite of services. When our clients refer a case to the MEA Center, they can be assured that our team is ready to take over and manage the case from beginning to end. Our real time access delivers unparalleled customer satisfaction and exceptional claim resolution results.

With a focus on responsiveness, dependability, and trustworthiness, New Frontier Group is equipped to handle every case, simple or complex. Some necessitate advanced attention that engages communication with clients, providers, patients, and family members.

There is NO TEMPLATE to managing a case.

Additional MEA Center benefits include:

  • Irrefutable industry expertise
  • Early identification and approval from in-network providers
  • Best in class V2V experience, pre-negotiations, and out of network arbitrations
  • ONYX Rx Concierge assistance, managed by a licensed R.Ph.
  • Set up for both ground and air transportation
  • Coordinate arrival of medical escorts
  • Secure hotel arrangements for family members
  • Large Charge warning identifications

Understanding the US healthcare system matrix facilitates our MEA coordinators to help clients and policyholders avoid unnecessary high cost medical charges. Our contact with providers all over the US enables us to identify the best providers for our patients’ medical needs. When patients are experiencing symptoms that are minor and non-life-threatening, our team can direct them to an Urgent Care Clinic.

When deciding an Urgent Care Clinic would best serve a patient, MEA coordinators are able to assist with:

  • Locating the nearest Urgent Care Clinic
  • Arranging the appointment and coordinating with the patient treatment plan
  • Providing verification of eligibility and guarantee of payment
  • Ensuring no out of pocket costs to the patient
  • Providing the convenience of any Rx medication delivery with no out of pocket costs

The MEA Center was launched in 2015 in response to the growing demands and technology advancements facing the international travel insurance industry. New Frontier Group’s significant growth has afforded us the opportunity to provide a personalized concierge pharmacy led by Mr. John Frick, R.Ph. Our Medical Advisory Board is managed by long-term medical professionals with relevant acuity and strong sets of skills as team leaders. Our unrivaled best in class customer service is exemplified through this leadership.

At New Frontier Group, we never forget that as your US partner we are the representation of your business to your policyholder. Your trust and confidence in our service to you and your policyholders is paramount to a successful and lasting partnership.