When a policyholder expresses the need for emergent medical care, timing and early intervention are two crucial considerations. Through New Frontier Group’s Medical Emergency Assistance (MEA) Center, clients are guaranteed 24/7/365 access and full service assistance from our highly trained client service representatives. Understanding the US healthcare system allows our MEA Center representatives to help clients and policyholders avoid high cost medical charges.

From day one, an emphasis on customer service has been at the core of New Frontier Group’s day-to-day operations.

The MEA Center was launched in 2015 in response to growing demand for round the clock support within the international travel insurance industry. Our MEA Center team is dedicated to providing the highest standard of assistance offered in our industry with an all-inclusive, one-stop suite of services. When our clients refer a case to the MEA Center, they can be assured that our team is equipped. Our real time access delivers unparalleled customer service and exceptional claim resolution results.

Additional MEA Center benefits include:

  • Irrefutable industry expertise
  • Early identification and approval from in-network providers
  • Best in class V2V experience, pre-negotiations, and out of network arbitration
  • OnyxRx™ concierge assistance, managed by a licensed R.Ph.
  • Set up for both ground and air transportation
  • Coordination of medical escort arrival
  • Securing hotel arrangements for family members
  • Large charge warning identifications
  • Engagement with clients, providers, patients, and family members
  • Locating an urgent care clinic, if appropriate, and arranging the patient’s appointment