Behind the commitment to provide our clients with superior service, is a team of highly skilled multi-cultural professionals. New Frontier Group’s Case Managers, V2V Specialists, 365 Assistance Support Center Relation Associates and Executives have all been selected based on their multi-lingual skills, professional backgrounds related to their experience within the insurance industry, and above all else, compassion for dealing with the real live person behind the medical occurrence.

Our team understands that there can never be too much emphasis on the integrity of handling an individual’s medical occurrence.

Many staff members are foreign nationals who speak several languages and have extensive world travels. Everyone on staff is encouraged to be proactive in assisting patients, ask questions of providers and focus on the details of a case. Our best practice is to adapt our services to fit the needs of our International Partners and Policyholders.

Team members train in all aspects of New Frontier Group’s adjudication processes and customer service methodology and the application of Onyx™ to these efforts. Onyx™ Moments is an ongoing in-service program presented by various team members and management, which focuses on new and updated practices, processes, enabling technologies, “real world” problem solving, case studies, and industry information. The depth and breadth of New Frontier Group’s training programs ensure that staff is well prepared to provide timely, complete, polite, and helpful responses to all inquiries from clients, policyholders, and providers. A Quality Assurance Specialist consistently monitors phone calls, faxes and emails to ensure that a high level of customer service is maintained.

Every staff member, including management, partakes in a two-week extensive training program that tutors them in every aspect of the organization and our core services. Understanding and utilizing New Frontier Group’s customized technological system, Onyx™ is a fundamental must in order to offer fully personalized service to our clients.

Following the initial training, a more experienced team member mentors any new associate for 12-weeks with one-on-one support and education on cultural sensitivity.

Continued staff training and development is fundamental to business growth. New Frontier Group’s team members attend 3 additional development sessions a year. Keeping staff up-to-date on the latest development and trends in U.S healthcare, go hand in hand with Onyx™ technological advancements to keep the organization progressive and focused.