New Frontier Group is here to offer our clients products, services, and solutions that benefit your business. When International Insurers and Assistance Teams select New Frontier Group as their U.S.based domestic partner they benefit from New Frontier Group’s exceptional comprehensive and customized healthcare management and cost savings results. 

As your leader in global medical solutions, New Frontier Group commits to a long-term strategic partnership caring about your bottom line as much as you do. 

Every encounter and each result is the measure of our success, which must reflect positively on our Partners. This philosophy is fundamental to New Frontier Group’s business model and reinforced every day throughout our organization.

At the center of New Frontier Group’s customized solutions is our proprietary technology platform Onyx™. This unique state-of-the-art operating system is proven to streamline and expedite the claim and adjudication processes. Onyx™ allows transparency, measures performance of all service offerings and staff, maintains performance histories, enables in-depth reporting, perpetuates consistent workflow processes, promotes, and delivers on-the-job training for new staff. 

The combination of Management’s experience and Onyx™ process management technology are New Frontier Group’s competitive advantage that delivers a turnkey solution to our partners. 

Through the Onyx Online™ platform, customers of New Frontier Group have the ability to check on the status of a claim in real time, as claims proceed along the adjudication process.

New Frontier Group’s coordinated services include:
  • New Frontier Group’s 365°Assistance Center-24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Multi-Cultural – Multi-Lingual Staff
  • V2V Pre-negotiated case rates
  • 97 % of all cases achieve a discount
  • Multi-prong strategies for claim adjudication, produces Best in Class Results
  • Extensive National Networks - Regional Networks- Specialized Networks
  • V2V Proprietary Performance for Out of Network claims
  • UCC Appointments and Onyx Rx™ Concierge for non-emergency care
  • All clients inquires responded to within the same day of inquiry
  • Onyx™ and Electronic Imaging – efficient claim receipt, review, processing & payment
  • Electronic Invoicing (E II) available for all clients
  • Urgent Care Auto-Adjudication & payment service- no policyholder out of pocket expense
  • Patient/Family member liaison to U.S. healthcare continuum
  • Web based provider search- UCC, Hospitals & Physicians
  • Real Time Adjudication Status via “Onyx Online”
  • Healthcare Advisory Board Access
  • Onyx™ Assistance Support & Claims Adjudication Operating System

Additionally, clients benefit from New Frontier Group’s assistance in areas that have proven history of soft saving results including:
  • Infusion Therapy
  • HME
  • Home health RN’s
  • Dialysis referrals
  • Onyx Rx™, Discharge Medication Management Program