New Frontier Group’s Rx Concierge Pharmacy Services, formally titled OnyxRx™-Discharge Medication Management Services, is truly one of the most unique services offered to New Frontier Group’s clients and policyholders. This exclusive pharmacy prescription program is a merger of best practices in the fields of hands on patient care services and the boutique industry of concierge medical services.

By working directly with the hospital and urgent care center caregivers, New Frontier Group Onyx Rx™ provides needed medication to policyholders without their having to pay any out of pocket cost. New Frontier Group’s open network platform is designed to ensure total access to all prescription products to post hospitalized patients discharging in all 50 states, Canada and the Bahamas’.

Onyx Rx™ is truly a personalized concierge pharmacy benefit model that is a unique convenience to both policyholders and clients.

This customized service insures a smooth transfer from institutional care to ambulatory self-care. Upon discharge from hospitals, emergency rooms and urgent care centers, Rx Concierge Pharmacy Services allows the patient to focus on healing and the continuum of care and not be burdened with the logistics and financial barriers or trying to seek out pharmacy services in a strange town at an unreasonable hour at the most inappropriate time - while they are ill or just recovering.

This concierge program can:

Generate between 30-60% savings over the institutional industry’s pricing models. This may vary based on the type of medication, whether or not it’s available generically and the locale of the provider. Prevent any patient financial hardship of medication to fill prescribed medications since there is no up-front payment cost. Avoid patient inconvenience of determining best location to fill prescription. All arrangements are made by New Frontier Group’s Rx concierge program.

Led by Mr. John Frick, R.Ph., Chairman of New Frontier Group Medical Advisory Board, Mr. Frick brings over 40 years building a number of companies focused in retail pharmacy, home-infusion and specialty pharmacy, medical case-management, institutional care, long-term care and hospice care to service New Frontier Group clients.

The success of the OnyxRx™-Discharge Medication Management program is predicated on Mr. Frick’s custom designed, cost-containing prototypes, that have proven effective at increasing patient compliance and decreasing the costs of expensive re-hospitalizations. Within our network, New Frontier Group works on a local level to insure optimal discounts based on the product and services required, from routine pharmaceutical care to more specialized advanced therapies.