Onyx™Rx Pharmacy Concierge

Our innovative Onyx™Rx Pharmacy Concierge program is truly one of the most unique services offered to our clients and policyholders. This exclusive medication management program is a merger of hands-on patient care services and concierge medical services. 

By working directly with the hospital and urgent care clinics, our pharmacy team can source, and often deliver, essential medication to policyholders without out-of-pocket costs. 

This customizable service:

  • Allows patients to focus on healing without the burden of logistics and financial barriers
  • Ends the process of seeking out pharmacy services in a foreign place
  • Generates 30-60% savings over the institutional industry’s pricing models
  • Reduces chances of re-hospitalization 
  • No out of pocket cost to the patient

We’ve also linked it to our existing Telehealth solution (NFGtelecare) to offer a cost-effective means of patients receiving an initial consultation and e-prescription service, without leaving the safety of their home or hotel.

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