New Frontier Group’s Discharge Medication Management Service (OnyxRx™) is truly one of the most unique services offered to our clients and policyholders. This exclusive pharmacy prescription program is a merger of hands-on patient care services and concierge medical services.

Mr. John Frick, R.Ph., Chairman of New Frontier Group’s Medical Advisory Board, leads the OnyxRx™ team. Mr. Frick brings over 40 years of experience in building companies focused in retail pharmacy, home-infusion and specialty pharmacy, medical case-management, institutional care, long-term care and hospice care to service New Frontier Group clients.

By working directly with the hospital and urgent care clinics, OnyxRx™ provides needed medication to policyholders without out-of-pocket costs. New Frontier Group’s open network platform is designed to ensure total access to all prescription products for all patients.

This customizable service:

  • Ensures a smooth transfer from institutional care to ambulatory self-care
  • Allows patients to focus on healing without the burden of logistics and financial barriers
  • Ends the process of seeking out pharmacy services in a foreign place
  • Generates 30-60% savings over the institutional industry’s pricing models
  • Increases patient compliance and decreases re-hospitalization costs
  • Secures optimal discounts based on products and services required