Access to U.S Healthcare can be problematic for International Policyholders. New Frontier Group is here to help policyholders navigate past the problems, answer your questions, and handle other issues that may arise.

Patient Advocacy

When a policyholder becomes ill, the #1 goal is to seek and receive the best medical care possible.

Immediately contact your international Assistance Team or International Insurance Provider to inform them of your medical issue. They will confirm coverage and contact New Frontier Group to be your domestic point of contact.

New Frontier Group is a globally recognized expert in the workings and administration of the U.S. healthcare system. The United States healthcare is considered to be one of the best in the world. As New Frontier Group is a globally recognized resource for patient advocacy; patients approach the organization to facilitate impending medical treatment. Because of the highly individual nature of each case, New Frontier Group customizes its support to each individual’s case.

Our team is carefully selected; trained and armed with an extraordinary knowledge base about the U.S. healthcare system.

International Insurers, Assistance Teams and Policyholders can be assured that patient advocacy begins the moment New Frontier Group is notified to handle a case. 365 Call Center Assistance staff considers all circumstances involved in the medical situation and offer customized solutions to assist the patient. There is no template for patient advocacy. New Frontier Group offers expedient and “real-time” solutions for medical occurrences. Unrivaled in its customer service, New Frontier Group stands above our competitors in its commitment towards pursuing the best medical care a patient needs and just as important, deserves.

New Frontier Group’s start to finish support may include:

  • Referral resource for finding a hospital, physician or Urgent Care Clinic
  • Advise patients what steps to take to request treatment
  • Serve as liaison between providers and the international team
  • Contact medical provider’s insurance contacts and ensuring Verification of Benefits is on file
  • Confirm patients seen in emergency rooms will not be charged out-of-pocket
  • Assist with language barriers
  • Contact international assistance teams if becoming aware of patient admission and seek extended Guarantee of Payment
  • Coordinate request for medical records
  • Follow up with billing departments for receipt of claims
  • Serve as main contact for any follow up inquiries on services or charges
  • Work with hospital social workers

It is not enough to only guide a patient through the U.S. health system; advocacy also includes reviewing all opportunities to ensure cost savings. Bill reduction steps such as claim receipt, verification of codes, possible network discounts and settlement negotiations are all safeguard measures that Frontier provides within their patient support.

Search for Hospitals, Doctors, Specialists or other Medical Providers and Professionals in the U.S., is easy! New Frontier Group provides excellent access and service for International Policyholders who need services. – Contact us at +1.800.318.2090

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