New Frontier Group’s Urgent Care Clinic Directory is an online resource guide that our clients can use to direct a policyholder who has an illness not considered extremely complex and can be treated as an outpatient. UCC’s or Walk In Clinics are a convenient option when medical care does not require attention that should be received in an emergency room.

Urgent Care Clinics (UCC) are one of the fastest growing sectors in the U.S. healthcare system today. Also commonly referred to as Walk-In Clinics, UCC primarily treat injuries that are not serious enough to seek attention in an emergency room. Many international policyholders choose to go to urgent cares rather than an emergency room since most clinics offer the convenience of same day appointments, shorter wait times and lower overall cost.

New Frontier Group specializes in working with UCC providers, setting appointments and securing verification of benefits on file with the facility.

To assist clients and policyholders in locating an urgent care clinic in close proximity to a patient, New Frontier Group offers an online Urgent Care Clinic Directory at

By simply entering a zip code, the directory identifies clinics close to the patient’s area.

After confirming coverage with their international insurance, policyholders should contact New Frontier Group before going to the clinic. New Frontier Group’s UCC Experts will:
  • Advises the policyholder if the clinic has past cases with New Frontier Group and will accept travel insurance.
  • Reviews list of helpful communication tips international travelers should be aware of when registering at the clinic.
  • Notifies the facility that medications will be facilitated through New Frontier Group’s Rx Concierge service. (Coverage of prescriptions must be approved by the client.)
Knowing when to go to an urgent care and when to go to an emergency room can be a fine line. Symptoms that may not seem complex can result in the need for further examination, x-ray or specialty doctor consults that are only available in an emergency room. Additionally, if a patient is then referred to an emergency room after an initial visit to an urgent care, the patient may have lost valuable time in their treatment and the international insurance has now incurred additional treatment costs.

There is no question urgent care clinics can be a good option to treat minor conditions. Let New Frontier Group’s UCC Experts assist you with any questions or concerns about whether to go to an urgent care or an emergency room.