The days of sending every patient to an emergency room are over. While the United States is well known for offering some of the best medical care worldwide, it is also known for having the most expensive healthcare. Urgent Care Centers provide quality care and have become a viable alternative for patients with nonemergency conditions.

As an advocate for our clients and their policyholders, New Frontier Group places a high priority on evaluating the patient’s need to be treated at an Emergency Room or an Urgent Care Center. There are many occasions when a patient visits an Emergency Room for a common condition and incurs unreasonably high charges that could costs thousands of dollars. However, the average cost for an Urgent Care visit ranges between $300 – $500.

Urgent Care Centers serve a specific purpose in the US healthcare industry and offer patients the convenience of:

  • Close proximity
  • Shorter wait times
  • Lower costs

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The benefits of an Urgent Care visit can be a win-win for both travelers and insurance holders. Customer satisfaction and positive feedback is extremely high when patients are treated with quick medical attention so they can return to their vacation or business trip.

Determining when to go to an Urgent Care Center versus an Emergency Room can be a difficult choice to make. As part of our 360° Total Solution, our Urgent Care Experts guide clients and policyholders who may be confused on where to go for treatment. If an Urgent Care Center is identified as the best option for the patient, New Frontier Group can streamline the visit by offering to:

  • Assist with setting up the appointment
  • Contact the center and secure verification of benefits and network logos
  • Confirm unexpected out of pocket costs for the patient
  • Arrange the delivery of any needed Rx prescriptions through our Concierge Rx program

There is no question as to why Urgent Care Centers may be a great option for many patients. Let New Frontier Group work with you in achieving the best global medical solutions.