Contract negotiations with U.S. Healthcare providers begins with relationship building where trust and cooperation is the fundamental key to successful claim resolution.

New Frontier Group has an advanced cost containment process, referred to as Voice 2 Voice Performance, (V2V), which allows skilled arbitrators to negotiate unrivaled cost savings results. Through comprehensive analysis, New Frontier Group V2V Specialist determine the best settlement approach that will result in the greatest cost saving.

Some providers, who have a history of negotiating V2V settlements with New Frontier Group, sign the settlement agreement immediately ensuring the expediting of claim payment.

Other cases require more in depth V2V dialog. Some claim negotiations require New Frontier Group V2V Specialist to have lengthy discussions, interactions, and agreed on conditions before coming to a claim resolution that is in the best interest of both parties. This level of V2V requires patience and core negotiating abilities, all possessed by New Frontier Group Arbitrators.

A pre-settlement agreement is an extremely effective V2V approach when arbitrating cases for patient’s with medical procedures scheduled for future dates or for cases that may result in very large charges. Both types of circumstances command New Frontier Group V2V Specialist to invest significant communication between all medical participants involved - the hospital and the doctors to reach a pre-settlement agreement. A pre-settlement contract often delivers unprecedented cost saving for clients.

With over twenty-five years of successful arbitrating experience, New Frontier Group’s exceptional V2V processes exemplify how clients can expect the greatest cost saving results.