New Frontier Group is a multiple award-winning US medical claims management and cost containment company which supports some of the largest insurance and assistance groups in the global health and travel industry.

With unrivalled access to the very best US networks along with outstanding in-house claims arbitration, New Frontier Group helps its clients to achieve market leading savings on their medical bills, resulting in improved loss ratios and increased bottom line profitability.

In parallel, New Frontier Group also provides a range of additional services that are designed to help with the overall customer experience. This unique combination of market leading performance combined with exceptional customer service has helped New Frontier Group to become one of the most recognized and respected companies in this sector.

Four-time finalist and three-time winner of the ITIJ Best International Cost Containment and Claims Management Provider Award in the last four years.



Our Executive Management Team has more than 25 years of experience in the International Health Insurance industry, full-service solutions, customized assistance and global healthcare management services. Our CEO and President Ms. Gitte Bach is a pioneer within our industry and Ms. Bach has built and continues to lead an organization focused on innovation, development, leadership and service excellence making New Frontier Group a market leader.

Behind the commitment to provide our clients with superior service, is a team of highly skilled multi-cultural professionals. New Frontier Groups Case Managers, V2V Specialists, 365 Assistance Support Center Relation Associates and Executives have all been selected based on their multi-lingual skills, professional backgrounds related to their experience within the insurance industry, and above all else, compassion for dealing with the real live person behind the medical occurrence.

Our Team is extremely experienced and have years of familiarity and involvement working in the Latin American market being exposed to high net worth products and services and we fully understand the meaning of the market and the service offering requested.

With our Head office in California, a representative office in Fort Lauderdale, FL, employees working in Europe and in several US States, we are a fully incorporated 24/7/365 organization.