New Frontier Group is a global, independent, woman-owned business enterprise established in 2002.

Our Mission:  As the world of global healthcare continually evolves, New Frontier Group is focused on providing future thinking solutions to meet the needs of the market.

Our Vision:  To deliver worldwide solutions that maximize savings, payment accuracy, and the best possible patient outcomes.

Our History

Founding Years

2002 to 2008

Company founded and began growing client base primarily through arbitration. Initial repricing platform built. Center of excellence direct agreements launched.

Integration Years

2008 to 2016

Integrated new products and strong partnerships for scalability including Rx programs, strong US and global network partnerships, multidisciplinary medical advisory board.  Onyx™ Operating System launched and integrated to identify network performance based achievements of 50%+.

Acceleration Years

2016 to 2020

Company exceeded $500M in claims managed, moved into new CA offices, opened Florida office for LATAM business, enhanced all technology capabilities, and expanded client base. Expanded focus on creating a horizontal client base, U.S. domestic, LATAM, iPMI initiatives/portfolios. Recruited and engaged technology team.

Reinvention / Innovation Years

2020 & Beyond

Company invested in innovative tech launches to drive continued global growth post pandemic (global telecare, network auto-adjudication platforms, enhanced savings solutions, security and platform functionality). Growing international assistance and insurance client base. Redefined industry Arbitration performance standards to 40%+.

Transparency and Technology Focused Since Day One.  Resulting in Client Satisfaction and Exceptional Savings

We lead worldwide healthcare management services through a suite of customized services that cross borders including cost management, claims administration, assistance services, pharmacy solutions, and telehealth. Organizations who have members traveling or living outside of their home country need unique solutions to connect their members to the right care at the right price. We are continually transforming global healthcare and rising to new challenges our clients face. Our unique suite of global solutions combined with our exceptional customer service has helped us become one of the most recognized and respected companies in this sector.

Awards / Milestones

We are proud of what we have earned and the achievements and milestones we have accomplished.

2022 - Celebration of Savings

New Frontier 20 Year Anniversary

Disrupting the cost management industry since 2002 and proudly celebrating our 20-year anniversary of savings