Global Claims Administration Challenges

If you have a health claim portfolio, you need a claims administration approach that is full service and secure. Global claims administration comes with challenges such as:


No international standardized coding


Patient balanced billing outside of home country


International provider bill submissions

New Frontier Group Claims Administration Solutions

Working with New Frontier Group assures you no matter how complicated the portfolio, you have a claims administration solution which includes benefits such as:


24/7 worldwide claims processing


Diagnosis / procedure code conversions outside the US


Secure, instant access / transmission of data with advanced automation


Application of policy benefits, full claims adjudication, global provider payments


International claim research, investigation, examination, and recovery services


Multiple claim submission methods accepted: secure email, client portal upload, EDI

Through a combination of in-depth knowledge and automated technology, New Frontier Group can create claims administration processes that are fast, reliable and cost effective.

With New Frontier Group as your claims administrator, you receive 24/7 guarantee of payments, claims processing, coordination, application of policy benefits, adjudication, final claim notifications, large charge warnings, claim research, investigation, examination, recoveries, and much more!

  • You are always very helpful in the sometimes-confusing billing processes. It is good to know we can always count on you and your team. ~ Roland Assistance

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