Pharmacy Solutions Challenges

International organizations know that a pharmacy concierge program is a unique and innovative service that is necessary to optimize global healthcare. However, global pharmacy solutions come with challenges such as:


Inability to ship prescriptions to home country if care is delivered outside


High out of pocket costs to patients


Medication adherence is low and hospital readmission is high

New Frontier Group Pharmacy Solutions

Choosing New Frontier Group for your pharmacy solutions provides a global pharmacy concierge program with benefits such as:


Exclusive medication management with hands on patient care


Pharmacy solutions combined with medical and telehealth services


Direct engagement with providers to obtain essential medications at time of service


No burden of logistics or financial barriers for patients and no out of pocket costs


Needed medications are shipped to home country and after care is coordinated


White glove, cross border service is focused on medication adherence

New Frontier Group’s pharmacy solutions include an exclusive medication management program that merges hands-on patient care services with concierge medical services that crosses borders.

Our global pharmacy solution increases patient medication adherence by relieving the burden of logistics and financial barriers. Patients do not have to seek out pharmacy services in a foreign place because we handle all of the details for them from point of care to travel home. Our superior concierge solution reduces hospital readmission and ensures there is no out of pocket for members.

  • The New Frontier staff have done a phenomenal job on the recent case we had in Fort Lauderdale. Please extend my compliments to the team! ~ Northcott Global Solutions

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