Global Cost Management Challenges

Organizations who have teams and members across the globe know they need cost management solutions that cross borders. Some of the key challenges global companies face include:


Lack of understanding around country Centers of Excellence, medical and pharmacy Infrastructure


Claim accuracy and billing challenges vary country by country


Medical cost inflation continues to rise worldwide

New Frontier Cost Management Solutions

Partnering with New Frontier Group gives you peace of mind that no matter where your members live or travel, you have a full service global cost management solution that includes:


Unrivaled access to largest US national provider networks (Aetna, First Health, MagnaCare, United)


International provider contracts, auditing processes and global provider network access


Client portal with real time claim savings data analysis for strategic decision making


Access to multiple carve-out, specialty, and regional US networks


In-house arbitration experts with unmatched global provider relationships


Integrated telehealth access, and global pharmacy solutions

Our proprietary technology can analyze your portfolio based on previous claims history, and determine the best overall cost management strategy for you! 

New Frontier Group cost management solution gives you access to leading worldwide provider networks, telehealth, expert claim arbitrators, healthcare advisory board specialist, and 24/7 medical emergency assistance - all backed with innovative tech and secure IT protocols.

  • We are very aware that our desire to achieve the best savings while not inconveniencing the end customer is a real balancing act for you as negotiators and finally for all of us - the most when a baby child and a stressed mother are involved. Thank you indeed for the great results in quality and savings. ~ Roland Assistance

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