Telehealth Challenges

Telehealth is the fastest growing healthcare modality, and our clients across the globe know they need a telehealth service that allows them to access global healthcare from wherever they are in the world. However, global telehealth solutions include challenges such as:


Fastest growing healthcare modality but does not cross borders


Not coordinated with existing cost management suppliers


Not coordinated with global pharmacy

New Frontier Group Telehealth Solutions

Choosing New Frontier Group as your telehealth provider gives you access to global telehealth solutions which include numerous benefits such as:


Linked with other NFG solutions for cost-effective consultations and e-prescription service


Access to US board-certified, state-licensed and credentialed doctors


Reduce urgent care visits without patients leaving the safety of home or hotel


No patient wait time, out of pocket expense, or credit card transaction


24/7/365 availability – connect with a physician in minutes


Significant cost reductions and customized country-specific access

New Frontier Group telehealth allows you to connect with a US certified doctor anytime, anywhere.

Our global telehealth solution ensures patients get fast, easy access to a medical consultation with certified doctors across the globe - significantly reducing urgent care and emergency department visits. We offer 24/7 availability, so patients can avoid crowded medical facilities. Our telehealth can also be combined with our pharmacy solution to fill prescriptions.

  • We have identified telehealth as a very beneficial and convenient service for our traveling customers, particularly in the current travel environment. ~ AIG Travel

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