Since time is critical in catastrophic cases, New Frontier Group specializes in immediate patient advocacy through Catastrophic Case Management.

A catastrophic case occurs when a patient experiences a complex diagnosis or critical health issue. New Frontier Group understands the impact catastrophic illnesses and their costs can have on patients and their insurance companies. Due to the severity of catastrophic medical illnesses, clients depend on New Frontier Group’s Catastrophic Case Management to aid in bridging efficient communications between international insurers, assistance teams, and domestic healthcare teams. We take the complex and make it simple through our Catastrophic Case Management service.

This service may include:

  • Identifying and contacting key physicians and hospitals
  • Ensuring efficient delivery of medical services
  • Working with facility case/social workers to obtain medical records
  • Providing timely and updated verification of benefits
  • Communicating ongoing cost summaries and large charge notifications
  • Supporting the patient and their travel companions when experiencing language barriers
  • Coordinating discharge and repatriation plans
  • Obtaining police and accident reports
  • Arranging air and ground medical transportation
  • Pre-authorizing cost efficient treatment solutions
  • Pre-negotiating cost saving agreements
  • Securing hotel accommodations for travel companions or international team members

New Frontier Group’s early intervention and effective Catastrophic Case Management service can significantly impact overall costs for patients and their insurance companies.