New Frontier Group is the only international healthcare administration service company of our kind, providing best-in-class, impeccable service quality and results, for both in and out-of-network claims. New Frontier Group’s services include medical claim cost-containment, and Regional Service Office expertise for insurance companies, assistance organizations and their policyholders. Our specialty, expertise, and our focus is on cost containment services through direct voice-to-voice arbitration, effective medical provider agreements, regional and national re-pricing networks, as well as U.S. based payer services, medical auditing services, multilingual support, consultative services and cost reduction services.

New Frontier Group makes UCC appointments and works to provide advance acceptance of the traveler’s verification of benefits for UCC visits.

The more complex the medical issue - the more support New Frontier Group provides.

We provide case management services, and homecare services, outside the hospital environment. We handle all aspects of catastrophic claim management. Electronic imaging and invoicing  (EII) is available for all clients, via daily, weekly or bi-weekly batching. We’ve created our own, state-of-the-art, client-accessible healthcare administration system called Onyx™, which is proven to streamline and expedite the claim and adjudication processes, providing transparency, performance measurement of all service offerings and staff, maintaining performance histories, in-depth reporting, and consistent workflow processes.

Cornerstones of New Frontier Group’s Customer Service:
  • 24/365 access to Frontier multicultural /multi-lingual staff (36 different languages), with our key executives on call after hours.
  • All client inquiries are responded to within the same day of inquiry, no longer than 24 hours for those inquires requiring outside contact with a provider.
  • All phone calls answered prior to the third ring.
  • “Real time” decision making to impact cost savings performance, immediately confirming coverage, providing unparalleled service to policyholders.
  • Onyx Rx™ Concierge service for non-emergency care.
  • Voice-to-Voice, (V2V,) pre-negotiated case rates on large cases, with 97% of all cases achieving a discount.
  • Multi-prong strategies for claim adjudication produces best in class results.
  • Electronic imaging and invoicing (EII) is available for all clients, via daily, weekly or bi-weekly batching.