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May 19, 2022
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Always There, Global Rx Care

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Always There, Global Rx Care

A Needed Shift for International Populations

There has been a post pandemic shift in coordinated global medical and pharmacy services that is critical for serving the modern generation of globally mobile patients.

New Frontier Group supports many global companies and has witnessed the change in how global patients now prefer to interact with their healthcare providers. The mechanisms involved in the delivery of treatment and how they get access to needed medical services and pharmaceuticals continues to evolve, and innovation is mandatory to drive high value healthcare for these members.

With numerous digital health service options and an increasingly mobile world side population, we have entered a time when global Rx care needs to always be there. It must be integrated with medical care and be easily accessible to patients. A generation comfortable with technology and digital preferences are already interacting with pharmacies and providers virtually. The global healthcare industry must keep pace with these trends and remove barriers for this population.

Truly integrated Global Rx is not without challenges, and the biggest one is nothing new to our industry – INCREASED CARE FRAGMENTATION. People can be uncertain where to get the highest quality of care and providers don’t always get a complete picture of an international patient’s medical history. When you add in medications and pharmacy care, it leads to serious patient safety concerns.

New Frontier has engaged with US and worldwide Rx industry experts to create a series of 5 ‘Always There, Global Rx Care’ articles highlighting the key factors driving Rx innovation in the modern global economy. Specifically, we address the question of how as an industry we can achieve ‘whole person health’ through ‘whole system health’.

This series has been co-authored by three influential representatives and experts in the global healthcare industry:

Gitte Bach, President and CEO of New Frontier Group. After gaining extensive experience in international insurance and assistance through her initial years at IHI Denmark, Gitte founded New Frontier Group in 2002. Since its inception 20 years ago, it has grown to become a market disruptor and innovator in the global cost management industry. Gitte is passionate about customer service and innovation and holds a B.A. in Economics from Copenhagen Business School and a B.A. in Languages from Aarhus School of Business.

John Frick, Registered Pharmacist and CEO of Innovative Pharmaceutical Services is an industry leader for over 35 years in all aspects of pharmaceutical care. He is an accomplished healthcare professional offering comprehensive knowledge of specialty niche markets relative to the pharmacy and home health care professions, long term care, hospice and beyond. John is Chairman of the Board for the New Frontier Group Advisory Board where he assists in developing global Rx strategies focused on superior concierge, expert solutions for the global market.

Johan Porto, Co-Founder of PharmCare Services (PCS), the first International Pharmacy Benefit Manager (iPBM), pioneers in bringing the modern cost optimization strategies and pharmaceutical management solutions efficiently to the IPMI industry. PCS Clinical Team are experts in the monitoring of highly specialized therapies, Oncology, Home Infusion, Managed Care and Pharmacoinformatics delivering comprehensive international pharmacy management services to a range of global clients.

Follow us on social media or continue to check our Insights Web Page to access the series. If you would like to discuss how global Rx care is impacting your business or customers, just contact us.

Articles in this series include:

1. Defragmenting Care to ensure Global Rx is Always There.

Care that crosses borders is already inherently fragmented, and global Rx is a core aspect of global care that bears this burden. Global pharmacy and medical care integrators and innovators are playing a key role in making sure no patient slips through the cracks. This article shares how to make that happen.

2. Substantial Sustainable Savings Requires Managing Patients Not Claims. 

US industry analyst suggest $250B in healthcare costs comes from medication non-adherence – and negative drug interactions cost dollars and human lives. It is not about how much the claim costs, but about how much it could have cost if patients do not take medication properly and the pharmacist is not properly monitoring the therapy and possible interactions. This article focuses on collaborations needed to move into the digital age of care that crosses borders for both, helping patients achieve the best health outcomes possible and optimizing costs to the payer.

3. Medication Misadventures Avoided by Always There, Global Rx Care.

There should be no suspense or mystery for the patient when it comes to the prescription aspect of their treatment. There is a highly specialized level of patient commitment needed for patients seeking care outside their home country. This article details why rolling out the red carpet of pharmacy is necessary for global populations and what should be included in this VIP experience.

4. Changing Global Healthcare and Prepare to Always Be There.

The international healthcare market is focused on analyzing data beyond revenue and utilization into indicators of health KPIs that link health and Rx together and help them better understand the coverage they offer. This article shares the international challenges we have in regulatory harmonization, collecting data, and enhancing communication between parties.

5. Unprecedented Globalization Advancing Opportunities for Global Rx Care. 

Since the beginning of time, there have been interactions and exchanges among worldwide populations and cultures. However, the current magnitude of globalization is unprecedented and yet still expanding rapidly with the unprecedented international exchange of information. Globalization has always been one of the most powerful forces shaping industries across the globe. This article offers opportunities for integration, convergence, and collaboration across borders. By embracing and accommodating diversity, we can enter a new always there, Rx global care reality.

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