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August 4, 2016
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August 7, 2016
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New Frontier Group’s Effortless Partner Transfer Challenge

Are you ready to accept New Frontier Group’s Effortless Partner Transfer Challenge?

The start of a new year marks a time for new challenges and opportunities. As the calendar year 2016 begins, New Frontier Group presents you with both a challenge and opportunity that can transform your cost containment results not only for the coming year, but also as your business grows. Are you ready to accept our Effortless Partner Transfer Challenge?

If so, simply refer your cost containment claims to us and benefit from a FEE FREE service where we will solve ALL your cost containment challenges at absolutely no cost for 30 days.  During this FEE FREE 30 days you will have the opportunity to learn about New Frontier Group, become comfortable with our business model, meet your key account manager, and experience our superior customer service.  Together, we will discuss your cost containment goals and design a plan to make the transition smooth and problem free for you.

I recognize there are many considerations new clients must take into account before making important business changes.  The Effortless Partner Transfer Challenge opens the risk free door to start a dialog about the challenges of merging, case management, cost-containment, expediency, and reliability while experiencing the difference that only New Frontier Group has to offer. Yes, we are that confident that New Frontier Group CANNOT be matched by anyone else in the market today.

In addition to a private consultation with me, and our leadership team, you will benefit from our customized 360° Total Solution offerings which tailor our services to your needs.

Who dares to offer such a solution to the market? Only the organization that can stand behind their product and deliver the service and performance far superior to any competitor.

You may be asking “How we are able to offer this incredible opportunity?” This offering was created due to the volume of calls and communications that we have received after the Athens ITIJ conference. Now we are making it available to you.  Independently owned and operated, New Frontier Group has complete freedom to be innovative and forward thinking in our services. Our business operations and customer relations are not dependent on any other corporate decision makers. This independence sets us apart from competitors and contributes to New Frontier Group offering:

  • Best in Class Cost Containment
  • Best in Class Customer Service
  • Best in Class in and out of Network Contract
  • Exclusive proprietary V2V services

We hope you are ready to take the challenge and make 2016 our year to be your valued partner and excel together.


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