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August 7, 2016
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August 9, 2016
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A Dream Ski Vacation Can Become an International Insurance Nightmare

Aspen, Vail, Lake Tahoe  – all winter wonderlands that draw hundreds of international travelers  this time of year to enjoy the perfect ski vacation. These luxury destinations are a skier’s paradise.

Location can be everything when planning your vacation.  However, do not let an exclusive holiday location turn an international traveler’s dream ski vacation into an international insurance nightmare.  New Frontier Group can assist in keeping a traveler’s dream location from spiraling into costly problems if an accident occurs and medical attention is needed.

Many ski resorts are accessed remotely, limiting the number of hospitals and physicians.  Health care can be very very costly in these areas where there is only one option.  Some hospitals may seek an advantage due to the limited access to health care and lead international insurance companies and patients to believe they do not have options.

New Frontier Group is your health care advocate! Should a ski accident occur, our medical advisory board can explore all facility options depending on the level of care/expertize needed.  We will make contact with the facility and provide our billing information so the patient is not charged up front.  

A few years ago a patient was at a ski resort and had an accident that resulted in a fractured arm.  The local health care facility made the decision to helicopter transport the patient to a hospital about 20 miles away.  The cost of the transport alone was over $25,000 and the insurance company was not informed of this decision until after the patient had been transported. This is the kind of surprise decision that we want to avoid.

Had New Frontier Group been advised of this patient’s accident, communications would have taken place to review if this type of transport was medically required.  Medical records would have been requested and provided to our international insurance clients for their review of the situation.  New Frontier Group would have secured the physician’s name and phone number and would have put our international insurance client in direct contact with the doctor to ensure proper care and coverage.

Accidents in remote vacations areas do not always have to equal astronomical costs.  Allow New Frontier Group to assist you in making sure that all measures are reviewed and in place for all patient care and especially when options for care appear restricted or limited.

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