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September 3, 2016
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September 8, 2016
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The Health Care Maze

Time and time again, New Frontier Group receives phone calls and emails from our international partners’ clients expressing concern and confusion. They explain that even though they provided their international insurance information to the U.S. medical facility where they were treated, they are receiving statements requesting payment.

Since the U.S. health care system differs from any other health care system in the world, all international travelers or Expats are unprepared for the administrative follow up required to settle their medical charges. Generally, a second layer of bills for emergency physicians, specialty doctors, radiology, pathology and ambulance services (just to list a few!) aren’t even recorded until after the main treatment charges have finalized.

Unknowingly, many international travelers fly back to their home country unaware they have left a trail of claims still pending. It is this maze of bills that leaves foreigners shocked and unsure how to proceed.

New Frontier Group excels in managing the maze of bills, handling it all with superior client solutions and cost containment services. Our international partners can be assured New Frontier Group will work to resolve claims as quickly as possible all while keeping our eye on the end result of the best resolution possible.

Does a $4,000 bill for an ambulance transport just over one mile with no urgent EMS services performed sound like a reasonable and standard charge?  It doesn’t, and didn’t to us when this actual claim was received.  Claim review is an essential part of New Frontier Group’s navigation through the billing and cost containment process.

There are many reasons why a patient might be receiving statements from a medial provider. The reasons don’t really matter.  What does matter and is of the utmost importance is to remove the burden of payment off of the international patient. As the Leaders in Global Medical Solutions New Frontier Group demonstrates that we are the best in class in total solutions, meaning for the patients, the clients and the organizations that we partner with.

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