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September 14, 2018
May 15, 2019
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The Latin American market

Latin America is an attractive and promising market that continues to grow and develop in the areas of life and health insurance.  South America, particularly the southern region, is showing an interest in growing and developing new health insurance products.  Most of the policies are travel assistance coverage with limitations and exclusions.  The policies have previously not met the needs of the consumers and therefore the local insurance companies have been forced to offer higher coverage policies to travelers and students.

On the other hand, there is a yearly growth of 12% in the number of students and expats that are buying international health policies traveling to the United States. These policies have a premium value that grows rapidly because of the growing number of students migrating to the United States. Due to the fact that the United States is the country with the highest healthcare costs in the world; the purchase rate for any international health insurance policy increases simply because an extensive coverage is required.

We at New Frontier Group offer a 360° Total Solution. Cost Containment combined with 24/7/365 Full Assistance (MEA Center) allows immediate access to the most comprehensive U.S. domestic networks yielding unparalleled savings results.  We offer our Unrivalled V2V arbitration; our Onyx Online Portal with full transparency and the Onyx Rx collaboration as well as our “Easy on Boarding” solution for engagement of our services.

Our Customer Centric Service is tailored to the needs of any client, large or small. We believe in genuine partnerships and long lasting relationships of mutual benefit.  We are focused on the specific needs of our clients and are exceptionally nimble and responsive.

Please do not hesitate to contact our offices at 1 949 429 7130 to speak with a member of our team as it pertains to your needs and our unique products. We will not disappoint you.

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