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Emergency Room or Urgent Care Clinics

On a daily basis New Frontier Group is asked whether a patient should go to an Urgent Care Clinic or the Emergency Room.  In case a traveler reports they have a cold, sore throat, sprained ankle, or a minor cut, these types of conditions can be treated in an Urgent Care.  An emergency room is the obvious choice if the traveler suffers from dizziness, chest pain; a head or possible spine injury; is coughing up blood; or has experienced smoke inhalation. What about a traveler who is experiencing a condition that doesn’t lend itself to an obvious choice of either Urgent Care or Emergency Room.

Do you run the risk of sending a patient to an Urgent Care when the condition suddenly becomes far more serious and can only be treated in emergency room because a specialty physician is warranted?

The American Academy of Emergency Room Physicians has certain guidelines that we adhere to in order to make the best possible recommendation on whether to send a patient to an Urgent Care or Emergency room.  New Frontier Group works with Urgent Cares facilities and Emergency Rooms all over the United States and uses The American Academy of Emergency Room Physiciansguidelines to direct our international clients on the type of medical facility recommended based on the conditions presented by the patient.

The decision on where to send a patient for their medical needs not only depends on symptoms, emergency or otherwise, but making sure the patient receives the prompt and specialty care they need. Sometimes symptoms can appear to be of a minor inconvenient, but are really early indicators of a health care issue that will progress into something far more serious.  Recently, New Frontier Group assisted a patient who was experiencing minor leg swelling and cramping. His vacation included taking a long hike and he felt like the swelling was a result of his long walk. Due to the assessment from our Medical Advisory Board, New Frontier Group recommended the patient go to an emergency room.  After numerous tests, it was determined the patient was at significant risk of a heart attack and the leg swelling was an underlying sign of a very serious condition.

Emergency room departments have the widest range of services to address both minor and major health care needs.  Conditions that begin with minor symptoms could potentially become serious medical situations. Most Emergency Rooms are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week with a team of professionals from general physicians to specialty doctors.  With access to specialty resources, emergency room physicians can consult with specialists. Emergency rooms access most types of contemporary diagnostic equipment and if a physician feels additional test are needed to properly diagnosis a patient’s condition, test can be done immediately within the hospital facility.

New Frontier Group understands that the lower treatment cost is one reason Urgent Care visits are attractive however it is of extreme importance to recognize that situations do occur in which Emergency Room care is required. There is a time and a place for both types of providers, and we urge our clients and policyholders to make use of our experience in determining when and where a patient should go to the Urgent Care Clinic versus the Emergency Room.

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