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August 9, 2016
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August 11, 2016
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Out of Pocket Costs – A Tough Pill to Swallow

An international patient that has received treatment at a medical facility in the USA has plenty of concerns upon discharge. When can I travel home? Am I in the clear? What about my family? What about my medications?  All too often, as the international traveler is discharged the patient is handed a discharge medication prescription. The traveler is then left to search for a location where the prescription can be filled as well as pay for the expensive medications out of pocket. The language can be a barrier and for many people it is extremely hard to understand the instructions on a pill bottle!

New Frontier Group pioneered the travel industry’s most unique Rx concierge service called the OnyxRX Discharge Medication Management Program.  As the only Cost Containment Company to have this program, OnyxRX, coordinates filling the patient’s prescriptions with no out of pocket expense.  Our pharmacists are available to the patient and the relatives to thoroughly explain the correct way of taking the medication together with any possible side effects or complications that the family should be looking for. The medication can be delivered to the patient’s home, hotel or hospital bed in order to facilitate the process and leave the patient to recover. This program promotes better patient care compliance and decreases the possibility of patient readmissions due to not filling the prescription medications.

The importance of focusing on recovery cannot be understated. Medication can be extremely expensive, especially for patients filling specialty prescriptions to treat serious diagnosis.  Being asked to pay up front for medications can lead to patients choosing not to fill prescriptions, not to take the medication as needed or trying to stretch out the prescription by only taking half of the prescribed dosage at a time. All choices can negatively impact a patient’s health. New Frontier Group’s Rx Concierge service is designed to coordinate the delivery of a patient’s pharmacy needs at all levels, from routine pharmacy medications to specialty cocktail drugs.

Serving patients in all 50 states, New Frontier Group works at all hours of the day to assist our patients and our clients. Our pharmacy team, Onyx RX, brings over 40 years of professional experience in retail pharmacy and medication management.

Our Rx Concierge program also makes it possible for patients who have a diagnosis that requires special medication, to still travel to their desired destinations; by arranging, in advance, the delivery of any medications the patient may need.

New Frontier Group is committed to our clients and their policyholders where ever they travel and whenever they access health care in the US. International travelers should not be forced to choose between funds for prescription medication and funds designated for their family’s long planned vacation. New Frontier Group is ready to assist patients so they are never forced to have to make this decision and our expert partner, OnyxRX makes it possible.

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