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August 13, 2016
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September 2, 2016
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ITIC Americas 2016

 As CEO of New Frontier Group, my commitment to support and attend the International Travel & Insurance Conference (ITIC) is more than just good business sense.  The conferences are a gateway to opportunities with global industry leaders exploring different needs, solutions, cultures and perspectives. I find that through these differences we discover unity within the travel and health insurance profession.

ITIC’s recent 2016 Americas conference held in San Diego far exceeded expectations.  Convened in late February, over 180 delegates gathered to discuss current industry topics with special emphasis on the Americas emerging markets.  While the conference opened with a relaxed and animal surrounded Welcome Reception at the San Diego Zoo, the following days were packed with seminars, networking sessions and meetings with current clients and prospects.

With San Diego only a short drive from our headquarters, New Frontier Group enjoyed the opportunity to fully participate in all of the conference events.

Many of New Frontier Group staff members were able to attend the conference for the first time. The staff members found the conference topic sessions extremely informative, enjoyed the evening social networking settings, and met face to face with clients that they have been working with for years. Wanting to share the amazing city of San Diego with out of town clients and guests, New Frontier Group hosted a dinner on Monday evening in the Gaslamp District at Greystone Steakhouse. In the relaxed atmosphere, New Frontier Group was able to further discuss how the independence of our organization allows us to offer unique solutions to many of the topics being discussed at the conference.  New Frontier Group’s Director of Discharge Medication Management Services, Pharmacist John Fricke was in attendance and able to speak more about the Zika virus and how New Frontier Group Medical Advisory Board is actively monitoring CDC’s reports.

A true highlight of the conference for New Frontier Group was the opportunity to work with ITIC and serve as presenting sponsor for the Farewell Dinner. With the 4 day conference agenda filled with informative seminars and meetings, all delegates and guests seemed ready to enjoy the festive ambiance New Frontier Group and ITIC planned for the night. Our goal was to sponsor a celebratory evening that would seal the success of the conference on an extremely high note (quite literally).

With the San Diego Harbor in the background, New Frontier Group planned a spectacular dinner at Coasterra, one of the city’s premier bay front dining destinations.  With a picture perfect Southern California sunset and a Benetau 40 foot sailboat flying the New Frontier Group flag, guests dined on upscale Mexican cuisine especially planned for the night.  The highlight and “high note” of the evening was when the evening’s guest performer, Theo Peoples, formerly with The Temptations and The Four Tops, drew everyone to the dance floor as he sang Motown classics.

I would sincerely like to thank ITIJ for the opportunity to be the presenting sponsor for the conference Farewell Dinner.  The ITIC committee’s support and ongoing communications in planning the evening went above and beyond and has led to a lasting friendship. I am also proud of our staff’s hard work to ensure that the Farewell Dinner would be memorable and enjoyable for everyone in attendance. Based on the many notes of thanks and greetings about how truly special the farewell dinner was, the behind the scenes attention to detail was a success.

Additionally, I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the hardworking New Frontier Group staff who were not able to attend the conference and remained in the office during the week to continue serving our clients with the stellar service New Frontier Group commits to each and every day.

In closing I invite everyone to look at the amazing photos taken from the Farewell Dinner. We were fortunate enough to capture the beautiful and eloquent evening. Please follow the New Frontier Gallery link below.

When I published my first blog in November 2015, we had just returned from the ITIC Athens conference, and learned of the Paris terrorist attacks.  I closed my blog with sentiments of heartfelt sympathy and concern for our international friends in Paris.  And now another tragedy has struck our international friends, this time in Brussels, Belgium.  I want to add my voice to those in the international community in expressing our sympathy to the families who have lost loved ones and our hopes for a speedy recovery for those injured in this violent act of terrorism.


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