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July 21, 2017
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Medical Escorts: Getting Home Safely

Flight arrangements, transportation to and from the airport, specialized care throughout the journey, medical equipment, hotel arrangements, and all accompanying charges can overwhelm even the most seasoned traveler. 

Whether by air or ground, arranging transportation in a foreign country while ill or healing can be confusing, challenging, and expensive, especially when a patient still needs assistance or care while travelling home. New Frontier Group and our trusted medical escorts partner work to ease the burdens of transport for our patients and clients.

During this travel season New Frontier Group will be arranging 3 to 5 medical escorts per week. Many of our medical escorts travel to and from vastly different regions with patients experiencing a wide variety of ailments. No matter the circumstances, New Frontier Group will create the best possible transport experience for our patients and our clients.

In conjunction with our medical escort partner, the Catastrophic Case Management team in our MEA Center work 24/7/365 to get our patients home after an injury or illness occurs while travelling. Our availability makes it possible to react immediately so our personnel can make the arrangements and coordinate with our clients as soon as possible. New Frontier Group acts as the liaison between patients, relatives, hospitals, clients, and transport partners.

We work hard to make complex situations simple and allow the expert medical escorts to get our patients home quickly. Expedition of medical escort transports brings patients home sooner and saves clients costs with fewer days spent in the hospital. New Frontier Group and our medical escort partner keep our patients worry free during and prior to the transport before arriving home safely. From long before a patient is declared ‘Fit for Flight’ until they arrive safely in their home with a trusted medical escort, we are there to help. With medical escort transports included in our 360° Total Solution, New Frontier Group is always there for you.

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