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October 20, 2016
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New Frontier Group wins 2016 Cost Containment/Claims Management Company of the Year

“And the 2016 Cost Containment/Claims Management Company of the Year award goes to… New Frontier Group”.

Did I hear the announcement correctly? As a first time finalist for the award, we were in a competitive category with amazing companies. I stood before 800 conference attendees and was overwhelmed with joy and gratefulness. This prized moment will never be forgotten.

Indeed, New Frontier Group was named ITIJ’s 2016 Cost Containment/Claims Management Company of the Year at the annual global conference in Berlin, Germany.

I have great respect for the international travel and health insurance industry and to be the recipient of this award is deeply inspiring and an enormous honor. My gratitude extends greatly to everyone who voted for New Frontier Group. To our clients, customers, and associates, your vote acknowledges our commitment to build lasting partnerships based on trust, service, and profitability.

Just over a year ago, we reset the direction of New Frontier Group to advance as a top global Cost Containment/Medical Solutions company. With an ambitious commitment to this goal, we traveled worldwide to collaborate with current and prospective clients and broadened our perspective on the challenges insurance providers face in today’s market. Regardless of the company size, we took action with innovative solutions, timely deliverance, and our commitment to serve.

I was extremely proud that the ITIJ Awards Selection Committee not only recognized New Frontier Group for “its remarkable growth” over the last year, but for its “growing reputation by focusing on the needs of its customers, irrespective of company size”.

Three hundred and sixty-five days a year, our team of professionals strive to offer clients a level of unrivaled service that has become the New Frontier Group signature. Winning this award is not only a testament of New Frontier group’s growth and team dedication, but an inspiration to deepen our exceptional expanded services for client satisfaction. It has truly been a spectacular year for New Frontier Group and what better way to commemorate this victorious achievement than with the celebration of the ITIJ Gala!

The New Year is just around the corner. Winning the 2016 Cost Containment/Claims Management Company of the Year has inspired our team to raise our standard of excellence. Our commitment in 2017 is for New Frontier Group to stay true to our values as an independently owned and operated corporation focused on customer service and cost effectiveness through One Ambition, One Objective, and One Solution.

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