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December 31, 2016
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OnyxRx™ – The Inside Scoop

New Frontier Group offers a one-of-a-kind Pharmacy Concierge program that is custom designed to cater to the needs of our global clients and patients. The formal title is OnyxRx™.

Led by Mr. John Frick, R.Ph. (Chairman of the Healthcare Advisory Board) and his staff, the program ensures total access and transparency to all prescription products and amenities at advantageous pricing. Furthermore, we engage the services of our Health Care Advisory Board to lend expertise in many fields of medicine as it relates to our international patients. A large number of patients find it difficult to receive discharge medication prescribed by the treating physicians due to different barriers:

  • Financial burdens (out of pocket expenses)
  • Time restraints
  • Language barriers
  • Cultural differences
  • Difficulties in navigating a new location
  • Not understanding the importance of prescribed medication for a successful recovery

Any of these concerns, if neglected, play a big role in re-admissions to hospitals that can result in insurmountable costs. Our pharmacy concierge program, OnyxRx™, aims to resolve all of these barriers for our patients in order to allow them to focus solely on the recovery.

OnyxRx™ delivers superior service to our clients and their policyholders! Please take a moment to review what our patients have to say:

“I am really impressed with the promptness, courtesy, and thoroughness of your service. Thank you so much. When you’re in pain, this superior service means a lot.” – Chuck

“Mission accomplished! I’m on my way to the hotel. Thank you guys for always being so easy and convenient. You were great, fast, supportive, and engaged. Much appreciated your pharmacy assistance!!” – Sanji

“Thanks again for an incredible service level today. We have everything sorted now. We were just telling the rest of our family how impressed we are with the level of your effort, the concern you showed, and your handling of everything. All of us are both impressed and very grateful. Our day has been much smoother and better because of you. So a big thanks from the whole family 🙂 “ – Viktor

Our Medical Professionals work closely with policy holders and hospital’s discharge staff to reduce the risk of medication errors. This is done by evaluating medication for diagnosis, age appropriateness, and allergies. In addition, our team consults with our patients in regards to side effects and identifying any potential medication related problems.

To hear more from our travel patients, please view our Pharmacy Concierge Blog where you’ll find testimonials and additional information!

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